life drawing classes




CLASS TIMES  //  Saturdays  12pm / 2pm / 4pm / 6pm

CLASS PRICES  //  $60 per person / minimum x 10

CLASS LOCATION  //  Venue of your choice

Alternative times available on request


our class experience



One of our lovely STRIKE A POSE tutors will lead you through a heart-felt introduction, simple drawing techniques and entertaining drawing games designed to activate the artist within you. No previous drawing experience is required!

Our good looking life model will be revealed to captivate the audience while listening to the sound of your own music or one of our superb playlists.

We supply all art materials including paper, charcoal pencils and aprons and everyone is welcome to take home their artwork.

Throughout the class your tutor will take a series of photos to capture the essence of your experience.

Every bride-to-be will receive a special gift from us, as well as the wonderful person who organised the life drawing class with STRIKE A POSE.