We understand the privilege yet responsibility of organising a hen's party that aims to cater for everyone you want to invite. However, planning the hen's party you envisioned can all of a sudden feel stressful and time consuming. 

Do you desire a simple yet delightful solution? Are you ready to plan the most memorable hen’s party for someone you love? Do you want to honour the bride-to-be by celebrating in style? 

Having taught thousands of women over the last seven years, we have fine-tuned what we have learned to expertly deliver life drawing classes that are guaranteed to create the finest hen's party experience. We also offer classes for birthday celebrations, corporate events and bachelor parties.

Our fun classes are structured to be hassle free, tasteful and filled with many laugh-out-loud moments to create heart-warming memories. We infuse each class with a unique blend of delights to stimulate all of the senses.

If this feels like the perfect idea for the hen's party you're planning, then book your STRIKE A POSE life drawing class now to secure the date and time that best suits you.

With kindness

sharlamon + alya